Director of Income-tax v. Asia Satellite Telecommuniation
[Citation -2017-LL-0119-3]

Citation 2017-LL-0119-3
Appellant Name Director of Income-tax
Respondent Name Asia Satellite Telecommuniation
Relevant Act Income-tax
Date of Order 19/01/2017
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ITEM NO.801 COURT NO.1 SECTION IIIA SUPREME COURT OF INDIA RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS IA Nos. 5-6/2017 in Civil Appeal No(s). 576-577/2012 DIRECTOR OF INCOME TAX Appellant(s) VERSUS ASIA SATELLITE TELECOMMUNIATION Respondent(s) (for intervention) Date : 19/01/2017 These applications were mentioned today. CORAM : HON'BLE CHIEF JUSTICE HON'BLE DR. JUSTICE D.Y. CHANDRACHUD For Applicant(s) Mr. Ashok Mathur, Adv. For Respondent(s) UPON hearing counsel Court made following ORDER Taken on Board. Prayer to withdraw intervention applications is allowed. (Renuka Sadana) (Parveen Kumar) Assistant Registrar AR-cum-PS Signature Not Verified Digitally signed by PARVEEN KUMAR Date: 2017.01.19 17:10:52 IST Reason: Director of Income-tax v. Asia Satellite Telecommuniation
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