Accelerating legal research is an advanced LLM, custom trained on 20 billion tokens of in-house data, offering precise outcomes for legal professionals

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The platform has three powerful features to offer Legal AID - Ask, Interact, and Draft

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Ready for preview and release on DTL LLM


Get concise and meaningful answers to your legal queries in seconds, complete with supporting sources and citations

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Beta testing


Upload multiple legal documents and query them to get summaries and valuable insights across documents

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Work in progress


Draft legal documents effortlessly, saving hours in creating contracts, submissions, legal responses, and more

LLM built specifically for Law's custom trained model overcomes the limitations of fine-tuning and RAG

Trained on

10 Mn

legal documents

In-house data


20 Bn+

tokens of data

Tested on foundation models with



Offering Transparent AI

How Ensures Reliability and Clarity

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Source References provides straight answers with references to related documents for additional trust

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Trust with Explainable AI (XAI) provides clear explanations of the AI's reasoning, including any opposing views

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Solving for AI Hallucination limits itself to the trained model and provides citations and source documents


I will definitely refer to it before advising my clients or going to court.

Amazed by how it answered in an absolute relevant manner with reference to source. Will have it in my library for regular reference.

Must say that this is the only working model we have seen. Eager to test it out in detail.

The Future of Legal AI

AI's Transformative Impact on the Legal Landscape

There’s an old saying that goes, “Knowledge is power.” But in the rapidly evolving world we live in, knowledge alone isn’t enough; it’s the ability to act on that knowledge that truly empowers us. The inception of AI tools like heralds a new era where the vast archives of legal knowledge become accessible at the click of a button, not merely as raw data but as analyzed, actionable insights.

We are not just launching a product; we are launching a new era in the legal profession. An era where speed, accuracy, and justice are not just ideals, but realities.

Let's move forward, not just to advance technology, but to empower justice itself.

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